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Bliss Gummies with Delta 9-THC

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Discover the tranquility of Bliss gummies with fast-acting, naturally-occuring Delta-9 THC that offer a serene mind-body journey, without the couch-lock you might feel in traditional edibles. Elevate your mood and find your zen in a fast as 15-30 minutes with our fresh-frozen hemp extract. 10mg of natural Delta 9-THC per gummy enhanced with hemp-derived a-myrcene, a-pinene and b-caryophyllene terpenes.

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Jim B.
I love Bliss gummies! 5-star

Know Naturals Bliss gummies are legit a vibe-changer. With the kind of day I had, I needed something to help me mellow out, and these gummies did not disappoint. I popped one, and within 30 minutes, I could feel that calm wash over me. It's like they've bottled up a perfect, tranquil evening into a tiny gummy. Plus, it's super convenient to get them shipped free and without needing to jump through hoops for a doc's note.

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Anthony Ramirez

I'm pretty picky with my edibles because I hate waiting around to feel something, but Know Naturals'is the real deal. The Bliss gummies give me that perfect feeling in no time, every time. It's a level of consistency I haven't found anywhere else, and it's awesome not having to worry about that groggy feeling after. These are my new go-to for sure when I need to hit that chill button.

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Allison Graber
The key to my self-care routine

The Bliss gummies from Know Naturals have become an essential part of my self-care routine. Whether it's after work or just when I want to unwind without any drama, these gummies are key. They've got this precision that makes my relaxation time predictable - no more rolling the dice with edibles.

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missy f

just got these and they're amazing! great flavor and hit me really quick. can't wait to try the other ones

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Kevin Noon
Bliss will always be on my nightstand

I have used both THC gummies (have Ohio medical card) and Delta-8 in the past and found that the Delta-8 never really did much for me. I expected the same with these hemp Delta-9 THC gummies. My views have changed since taking Bliss and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I know generally within 30 minutes I will start to feel some relaxation after the stresses of the day have worn me down. Within the next 30 minutes, I am generally at peace but not to the point of where I am disconnected from myself. I know that later formulations will be more geared to relaxation, but Bliss hits all the right notes and has moved me away from doctor's prescriptions for sleep aids and anxiety. Not sure why these work so well for me, but I am not here to complain or argue. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to take the edge off, not deal with a night of drinking or any of that mess. Bliss Gummies have won me mover.

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David Pogge
Spot On!

Let me preface this by saying that I am incredibly leery of any "50-state-legal" hemp products that promise tangible effects, and that goes double for any product containing a compound that includes the word "delta." I've had more than one experience with such products that I could have done without. However, these gummies are about as legit as they come. The flavor is sublime. With a delicate balancing of the earthiness of hemp with the well-executed orange flavoring, highlighted by the terpene blend, these gummies pop exactly the way you want them to. It's a grown-up flavor with a dash of childish playfulness. Meanwhile, the effect is truly unique; clean, navigable and best of all, dependable. The experience feels almost engineered, but somehow not at all artificial. It's as if every ingredient is working together to optimize the journey, bringing truth to the chosen name of this particular selection; Bliss, indeed. Kudos to the people at Know Naturals. A+

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6 out of 6 reviews are useful.
Excellent Product

I just purchased a second order of the Bliss Gummies and I wanted to write a review to say these are an excellent product. I start to feel the effects of the Bliss gummy around 30 minutes after injesting. It is a very relaxed and calming high. Nothing intense and no feelings of anxiety but I could really feel it and really enjoyed the effects. These are going to be my go to THC gummy product going forward.

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3 out of 3 reviews are useful.

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