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Certificates of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis (COA) reports are vital for any hemp product, serving as a guarantee of quality and safety for consumers. For a company like Know Naturals, which specializes in producing hemp-derived cannabinoid gummies that are 2018 Farm Bill compliant, offering transparency through accessible COAs is not just about building trust; it's about upholding a commitment to customer well-being and industry standards.

When Know Naturals provides a COA for products like the Bliss gummies—with their unique blend of naturally occurring Delta 9-THC and fresh frozen hemp extract—it offers customers peace of mind in knowing exactly what they're ingesting. This level of transparency ensures that users can enjoy the euphoric effects of Bliss or the cognitive enhancements from Focus and Lucid without concerns over legality or unexpected psychoactive effects. The COAs verify that each gummy stays within the legal limit of THC and confirms the presence of advertised cannabinoids, such as CBC in Energy gummies or CBN and CBDV in Rest gummies.

Further, as Know Naturals offers combination experiences with meticulous cannabinoid profiles, consumers can make informed decisions based on their personal wellness goals. The importance of transparency cannot be overstated; it empowers customers to tailor their experiences with confidence, whether seeking a burst of energy, a moment of clarity, or a good night's sleep. By providing accessible COAs, Know Naturals not only aligns with legal compliance but also fosters an environment where trust and quality form the foundation of every customer interaction.

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