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Know Your Cannabinoids

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Know Naturals

- Fast Acting in as Fast as 15-30 Minutes

- Dispensary Quality Cannabinoids

- NO Doctor's Recommendation Needed

- Farm Bill Compliant at Under 0.3% Delta 9-THC

- Five Know Formula Experiences (Four Zero-THC)

- Six Know Entourage Fusions (Three Zero-THC)

Know Formulas

The Best Edibles You've Ever Tried

Our Know Formula experiences are the basis of Know Naturals' wellness journey, with each formula tailored to enhance your day with cannabinoidsterpenes and adaptogens. Whether you seek the serene Bliss of Delta 9-THC, a boost of Energy, razor-sharp FocusLucid clarity, or tranquil Rest, these formulas are designed to meet your individual daily wellness needs with precision and purity. Embrace a personalized pathway to balance and well-being with our Know Formula experiences.

Enhanced Fusions

Combine Know Formulas for a Custom Non-THC Experience

Experience the entourage effects and dual benefits with our Enhanced Fusions . With NO Delta 9-THCEngage merges the stamina of Energy with Focus's clarity, Imagine pairs Focus with the expansiveness of Lucid, and Relax combines Lucid's mindfulness with Rest's soothing qualities. These combos are expertly crafted to elevate your daily routine and support your specific lifestyle demands without the THC high, enabling you to maintain peak performance and serenity.

Ascended Fusions

Combine Enhanced Fusions with Bliss for a Custom Delta 9-THC Experience

Our Ascended Fusions offer the ultimate blend of euphoria and functionality by combiningthe natural Delta 9-THC in Bliss with our Enhanced Fusions blends. Optimize (Bliss + Energy + Focus) delivers an exuberant focus for those ambitious endeavors requiring top-tier performance. Expand (Bliss + Focus + Lucid) encourages out-of-the-box thinking enveloped in contented focus, while Rejuvenate (Bliss + Lucid + Rest) ensures a blissful transition into restful awareness. These combinations provide a holistic approach to wellness, transcending everyday expectations for an ascended state of mind and body.

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