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Energy Gummies with CBC and Cordyceps Mushrooms

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Experience vitality with Energy gummies. Harness the power of hemp-derived CBC and energizing cordyceps mushrooms for a non-jittery boost. Zero THC, Farm Bill compliant, and designed for sustained mental and physical activity. 10mg of CBC and 100mg of cordyceps per gummy enhanced with hemp-derived d-limonene, b-caryophyllene and cis-b-ocimene terpenes.

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Tavian Johnson
Consistent energy

I've been using these Energy gummies for a couple of weeks now, and they do what they're supposed to. I take them in the morning and afternoon. They help me get through the day without that mid-afternoon slump I usually experience. They taste good too, which is a bonus. 5 stars from me.

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Karen Leigh
Good flavor

The Energy gummies are good. They keep me energized throughout the day and I don't feel jittery like with some other energy products I've tried. They don’t give a “burst” of energy - I just didn’t get tired like usual.

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Definite 5-star

I started taking these Energy gummies before my workouts and they've really made a difference. My stamina has improved and I don't feel as wiped out afterward. Good flavor too.

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